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Flower Moon

Updated: May 26

Full Moon Thursday May 23rd 2024

This Full Moons represents the blooming of spring by its name, the flower moon. This Full Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius and asks you to explore the things that have been blocking your blooming. What areas of your life have you been avoiding or putting on the back burner because they bring up too much? These are the areas of your life that are the ones begging for tenderness. The Full Moon is a great time for working on removing and letting go of heavy, stagnant energies. 

Across cultures, the Full Flower Moon holds diverse significance. In Native American tradition, it is associated with the time for planting corn. Which symbolizes the renewal of life and the cycle of growth. Meanwhile, in European folklore, the moon's arrival marks the celebration of Beltane.

One of my favorite ways to work with this Full Moon energy is to write out the things I want to let go of. The self-doubt, the limiting thinking patterns, think of all of the heavy things emotionally that you feel like hold you back and write them out. Then I like to go outside under the full moon and burn it. There is something very cathartic about releasing the words I have written back into the air and back to the universe. 

Write it out

Say some intentions

Burn it

Happy Full Moon

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1 Comment

No precipitation enables stagnation, endure the PNW this provides spiritual growth and lush emotional and mental wellbeing and healing ,in turn the growth of my spiritual being and the transition of the awareness and the beauty of your lotus..!!

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