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Yoga Child's Pose

Women's Summer Solstice Retreat

The Summer Solstice Women’s Retreat is a gathering for group healing at the Molalla Retreat Center. In this supportive and nurturing environment, women come together to share their experiences, vulnerabilities, and strengths. Through various healing modalities such as meditation, yoga, expressive arts, and therapeutic discussions, attendees can explore and release emotional wounds, gain clarity, and cultivate self-compassion. The power of collective healing and shared wisdom fosters deep connections and a sense of belonging, empowering women to embrace their authentic selves and embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment long after the retreat ends.

We will be sleeping in two large, dorm-style rooms with bunk beds.


Workshop descriptions below


Guided Meditation

All weekend we will be engaging in guided meditations as a group. Walking meditation, sitting meditation, reiki meditations, and even a time set aside for the energetic exchange of silent eating for a short time. You will receive instructions, tips, and guidance for your meditation practice.


Find healing in movement through yoga with sessions from certified yoga instructors who aim to lead you back to self. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of the Molalla river as we build that connection between the breath and body through yoga. 

Yoga Class
pour paint

Art Healing

Get in touch with your creative side and heal your inner child with intuitive art like pour painting, smash journaling making and wire rapping your own ring. Take all of your projects home with you at the end of the retreat!

Releasing Fire Ceremony

Participants will have the opportunity to take part in a releasing fire ceremony designed to help you to let go and release some of those heavy things we tend to carry with us. Use this meditative time to tap into your higher self and leave behind the things that no longer serve you this solstice. 

fire ceremony


An inside look at what we will be doing at the retreat


Registration Now Open

Reserve your space today the at the Women's Summer Solstice Retreat

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