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Cancer Season

Happy Cancer Season

For the most part cancers get a bad wrap for being overly sensitive but in reality the energy of cancer is deep and seeks reciprocal treatment. As we dive into this season of emotional depth, we are encouraged to tap into that self-mothering. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the mother, and we are being asked to essentially re-mother ourselves. To nurture and tend to our own needs. 

We just had a full moon in Capricorn, pulling that Saturn energy of tenacity and perseverance towards us. On July 5th the new moon takes on the sign of Cancer, giving us a sun and moon in Cancer. This emphasizes the emotional intensity in the air and can bring issues of the home and family to the surface for examination and evaluation on how to proceed on.

July 21st is the full Moon in the sign of Capricorn again.  This moon symbolizes resilience and determination as the Buck Moon. (This is when male deer shed their antlers for them to regrow.) I’ll write more about this moon as we get closer, the July full moon is one that is particularly meaningful to me. 

As you continue to dive into yourself, exploring the depths of self, remember to also honor those parts of self that you’ve had to let go of. Those pieces of self that shaped who you are now. They are also worthy of your energy and gratitude for paving the way for who you are becoming. 


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